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Dark Souls 2 - Huntsman's Copse, Executioner's Chariot (Beta) - Gameplay & Commentary


[Game Description]

Seamless gameplay covering Huntsman's Copse, red phantoms, Undead Purgatory and the Executioner's Chariot boss fight. This is footage from the beta, much is added and item locations changed in retail Dark Souls II. 00:03 Bonfire 1, Old Hag Merchant 01:15 New jumping attack, parry and riposte 01:50 Ring of War 02:10 Bonfire 2 and shortcut 03:20 New backstab 04:00 Red Phantoms 05:15 Light Crossbow 06:10 Melee duel, PvP invasion 08:45 Dragon Knight Armor, Crescent Axe, Shield 09:30 Executioner's Chariot Huge thank you to Namco Bandai for the beta: https://twitter.com/namcogames Thank you for watching. @HunterStarcraft