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Zerg Build Order - How to counter a Protoss Forge FE


[Zerg Build Order]

    • Extractor on 14
    • Pool on 13 (Queen after pool completes)
    • Ling speed at 100 gas, leave 1 drone on gas
    • Expansion on 19 put drones back on gas
    • Lair tech at 100 gas, take drones off gas
    • Send 3 drones to opponents base when lair is about 70% complete and build 3 spines
    • Build a 3rd base and extractors while taking down your opponents Nexus with spines
    • Build Hydralisk Den and Evolution chamber as you take down opponents Nexus as well
    • Pressure your opponent once you have 6+ hydralisks and use a hydralisk/zergling combo of units

Scouting Needs:


Optimal Map Conditions:

You must scout an opponents forge FE to initiate this strategy. The opening 14 extractor, 13 pool, is very standard so you can decide to do this after you complete those two structures.   Must be a map with an open, non-ramp, natural expansion

Vs Terran:


Vs Protoss:


Vs Zerg:

Not for use vs. Terran   This is designed to beat protoss on open maps where you can drop creep and build spines out of range of the cannons that are at their expansions.   Not for use vs. Zerg

What to Watch out For:

The protoss to expand quickly with a forge and Nexus. For this build to work they must not have cannons surrounding their Nexus so that you can attack it from one side with spines.

Tips for Pulling off the Attack:

Scouting early to get the right read. Hiding your quick lair so they dont' expect fast remote spines. Have multiple overlords at your opponents expo with zerglings to defend to allow spines to build.

Transitioning out of this Strategy:

Transition into mutliple bases - at least 3 - and build hyrdalisks as the lack of 2 bases will minimize your opponents gas and not allow them to get High Templar or Colossus, the hard counter to Hydralisks.. If you cannot take down the Nexus go into a standard game.

Starcraft 2 Zerg Build Order

This build order is a very specific build order that counters a Protoss forge FE. This build can be used on open maps only, as forge FE's that block ramps will not be able to be attacked from an angle.