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Mass Zergling Build Order

The Mass Ling strategy is a semi-early aggressive Zerg strategy in StarCraft 2. It involves expanding and massing Zerglings to an overwhelming number before attacking your opponent. The Mass Ling strategy also allows for transitioning into Muta's or Hydralisks fairly easily as it invovles little gas.


[Zerg Build Order]

    • Continue to build drones until you have 16
    • Overlord on 9 drones
    • Hatchery on 15 (in base or at expo)
    • Spawning Pool on 15
    • Extractor on 15
    • Queen Once Spawning Pool Finishes (use spawn larva continuously)
    • Overlord on 16
    • When you get 100 gas immediately research Zergling Speed and pull drones off of gas
    • Build a second Queen (use spawn larva continuously)
    • Continue to build overlords and zerglings and overwhelm your opponent(s)

Scouting Needs:


Optimal Map Conditions:

You will want to scout your enemy but an early scouting trip is not necessary. Watch out to see if your enemy is going early air.   Small to Medium 2 player Maps; Small to Medium 4 player Maps. Preferably large or larger hard to block ramps.

Vs Terran:


Vs Protoss:


Vs Zerg:

This strategy is more difficult to pull off with the Terran blockades. Add in banelings to break a blockade and quickly push through with Zerglings (see baneling build).   This can be very good as zerglings can quickly get into the back of an enemy base and harass the worker line. Also, zerglings on an open field can quickly surround sentries, stalkers and zealots - but positioning is critical.   This strategy can work but your opponent must be scouted. If going against roaches you must hit pre-roaches (when they have 5 or less roaches and you have a 4 to 1 ratio of lings to roaches).

What to Watch out For:

Early cheese strategies as this strategy really starts going mid to early game. Early base blockades. Positioning: you must surround your enemies, zerglings are very weak in head on fights and line on line fights. Also, you must control the pace of the game, harassing and hitting enemy bases at will and utilizing Zergling speed to get in and out of tight situations. Lastly, if your opponent is going mass troops early use your second hatchery as a Zergling factory as opposed to an income resource to match/overpower your opponents mass early units. Also, feel free to build spine crawlers to pair with your queens/zerglings on defense.

Tips for Pulling off the Attack:

You will want to have your Zergling in good positions so they can quickly harass, push or defend quickly. Being able to find a gap in base defenses and sprint through it is critical to proper harassment and base attacking. Be wary of their critical structures and able to run in, take them out and get out again, delaying your opponents harvesting and teching is critical to pulling off this victory.

Transitioning out of this Strategy:

A mass ling strategy easily transitions into tier 2 units. After your harass early and research the speed upgrade you can use your gas to quickly tech to lair. From lair you can go muta's as muta / ling balances mineral/gas use well or into a more traditional and defensive hydra strat. If you like to harass muta's give you the ability to ling and muta harass simultaneously at different locations but if you like traditional map control holding locations and defending more easily hydralisks are your best bet. You also have to see what your opponent is going, the critical factor is maintain some form of economic advantage and map control.

Starcraft 2 Zerg Build Order