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Baneling Zergling Bust Build Order

Baneling bust is a very effective zerg build order against terran if they don't scout you properly


[Zerg Build Order]

    • 9 Overlord
    • 14 Spawning Pool
    • 13 Extractor (pull 3 drones to mine gas)
    • 15 Overlord and a Queen
    • Build Zerglings depending on the situation
    • Use spawn larva when your queen spawns
    • at 100 gas, upgrade Metabolic Boost for your Zerglings
    • at 50 gas, build a Baneling Nest which is aroudn 22 supply
    • Once your baneling nest finishes, morph 5 banelings close to the Terran blockade wall, be sneaky.
    • At around six minutes, send your banelings to target the supply depots first with a dozen of zerglings.

Scouting Needs:


Optimal Map Conditions:

You just need to make sure he doesn't build a bunker and multiple barracks at his choke. This will make it much more difficult to pull this off.   Small maps works best for this zerg build order because you can reinforce zerglings easily.

Vs Terran:


Vs Protoss:


Vs Zerg:

This build is designed to destroy a terran blockade. Be very careful that the terran player doesn't scout your base to find out your going for a baneling zergling bust.   This build order doesn't do well against protoss if he can get a few sentries out early.   This build order is only effective against a zerg player who masses zerglings.

What to Watch out For:

When attacking the Terran, make sure you scout his blockade before you rush in. If he starts to put barrack and bunkers behind his supply depot, it maybe better to have map control and expand.

Tips for Pulling off the Attack:

Deny scouting by the terran player at all cost. (You still cannot avoid the scan)

Transitioning out of this Strategy:

Early Baneling rush is more of an all out strategy, if you could deal signiciant damage to the terran player ie. Break their wall and harass their SCVs, continue what you are doing and build up more zerglings and banelings. An expansion can be helpful but why bother when you can capitalize your gains?

Starcraft 2 Zerg Build Order