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New Build Order for TvT from high level Masters League Terran Dizon

Terran vs. Terran 1-1-1 Aggressive attacking build order


[Terran Build Order]

    • 10 supply
    • 12 Rax
    • 13 Refinery
    • 15 Orbital
    • Factory @ 100 gas
    • Second Refinery when you build Factory
    • Reactor on Rax after third marine
    • Starport after factory is completed
    • Tech lab on Factory
    • Crank marines, banshees and tanks

Scouting Needs:


Optimal Map Conditions:

Scout for proxy rax as that is a weakness to this build. Scan when your banshee is halfway done, if you see that he is getting cloak (bubbling tech lab on starport) then you should immediately get an engineering bay   This is good on small to medium sized maps. The timing on large maps may be that he has too many troops when you arrive.

Vs Terran:


Vs Protoss:


Vs Zerg:

This is specifically designed to beat terrans. You must move out as soon as your Banshee is complete. You can have your attack in one of two ways. A full frontal push for maximum DPS or a banshee harass in the back to draw his troops out and then hit the front with your tank(s) and marines.   This is specifically designed to beat terran.   This can work vs. zerg but is not a zerg based build. You will want to scout to see if they FE and then this is stronger as they may have limited troops.

What to Watch out For:

A proxy Rax. Early Siege Tech. Early Vikings.

Tips for Pulling off the Attack:

Watch out for large early MM balls

Transitioning out of this Strategy:

You can expand after your first push if you do any amount of damage to their economy or infrastructure.

Starcraft 2 Terran Build Order

Hey everyone, We have a new build order for you today.  This one hails from Dizon at his TerranSC blog.  Check out his site for great build orders and stay tuned here as we plan to deliver you a build order a week from this high level Masters Terran player.  

This build order is specifically designed to snipe other Terran players on the ladder with a strong high DPS attack in the form of fast Banshees, Tanks and Marines.

Good Hunting.