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Marine Marauder Medivac Build Order

The MMM strategy is a strategy targeting mid game play and pushing and is easily transitioned to from the M and M push. It involves adding Medivacs into the Marine and Marauder group to allow for a more robust and healthy army and not fearing stim packing your toops to make them weaker. It also transitions easily into other strategies.


[Terran Build Order]


Scouting Needs:


Optimal Map Conditions:

Scout your enemy base to see if they are cheez rushing or going for an early rush (4 gate, M&M push, Roach/Hydra, etc.).   Medium to Large sized Maps work best for this.

Vs Terran:


Vs Protoss:


Vs Zerg:

An ok strategy but you should add in support units. Tanks or Banshees do well vs. MMM groups. Adding in support Vikings, Ravens or other units to counter what your opponent is going will support this.   This works well vs. Protoss but you will need to see what they are going. You will want to add ghosts into the mix though to EMP their armies, especially Templars, and be watchful of Colossus. If they have colossus add Vikings and quickly focus them down.   This works well vs. Zerg. The only thing to watch out for are infesters and fungal growth as that will mitigate your Medivacs healing and Marines without shield upgrades will be at 10 hp (one shot for roach/hydra) after fungal growth takes full effect.

What to Watch out For:

Watch out for casters that do mass damage and AE units. Specifically, Templars, Infesters, Tanks and Colossus are the enemies of these strategies. Use Ghosts, Vikings and Banshees to appropriately counter these types of units.

Tips for Pulling off the Attack:

You will want to keep your group balled as much as possible if they don't have area effect. If they do have area effect utilize your Medivac scouting and any scans you can use to fight the fight on your terms. EMP the templars or infesters or Protoss army before they can get to you and focus down on Colossus and Tanks as early as possible.

Transitioning out of this Strategy:

The MMM strategy works through the late game but needs additions to be more effective. See what units your opponent is going and build the appropriate counters to those units. You will have starports, baracks and at least one factory by late game so switching to other units should not be an issue. Expand quickly and leverage your army to establish map control or at least control of your expansions.

Starcraft 2 Terran Build Order