Starcraft 2 Terran Build Orders

terran build-orders of starcraft 2

Terran Build Order are typically more flexible than other build orders. The ability to wall in your base and more easily thwart off attacks, as well as live on a single base income due to the robust economic strength of Mules grants Terran’s a great deal of flexibility. Also, because of the nature of Terran production buildings and their add-ons you can build a dynamic army and switch tech or ramp up production facilities relatively easily as well as float a Command Center to a remote location to boost your economy without fear of that expansion being destroyed while it’s being built. Additionally, Terran units are the most dynamic and ability filled units in the game, giving your army a great deal of flexibility in dealing with any situation.

Aggressive 10 Barracks Marauder Build Order
Strategy for Aggressive 10 Barracks

This terran build order allows the terran player to get a fast...

New Build Order for TvT from high level Masters League Terran Dizon
Strategy for New Build Order

Terran vs. Terran 1-1-1 Aggressive attacking build order

One One One Barrack Factory Starport Build Order
Strategy for One One One Barrack

The one one one strategy is a Terran strategy in StarCraft 2 where...

Thor Drop Build Order
Strategy for Thor Drop

The Thor Drop is an interesting and deveastating strategy for Terran...

Double Command Center Opening Build Order
Strategy for Double Command Center

This build order allows early orbital command without expanding...

One Base Battlecruiser Terran Build Order against Zerg with Patch 1.3 BC buff
Strategy for One Base Battlecruiser

This build order will teach you how to do a one base battlecruiser...

Fast Banshee Rush Build Order
Strategy for Fast Banshee Rush

The Banshee Rush is a quick air rush strategy for Terran Players...

Marine Marauder Push Build Order
Strategy for Marine Marauder

The M and M push is an early game push strategy for Terran players...

Marine Marauder Medivac Build Order
Strategy for Marine Marauder

The MMM strategy is a strategy targeting mid game play and pushing...

TEST BO Build Order
Strategy for TEST BO