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TheUEN.com StarCraft 2 Strategies and Commentaries

TheUEN.com: the United Earth Network is a Starcraft 2 strategy website developed by players for players. We are a group of friends and house mates who have played StarCraft with each other for years. After years of sharing strategies within our circle of friends at all of our LAN parties and with all of our homies we thought, “hey… Why don’t we share these strategies with everyone by doing commentaries?” From there we had the idea of TheUEN.com. A website designed to be your premier resource for Build Orders, Strategies and Commentaries. Because we spend hours of everyday thinking about, talking about, playing and watching StarCraft 2 we decided we would put all of that energy into making a website with the insight and perspective that we know helps all of us become better players.

starcraft 2, how the uen strategy page started
"The UED's United Earth Network created a propaganda presentation for Earth's public. The broadcast claimed this precluded a zerg invasion of Earth, and that the UED's advanced technology secured victory with minimal casualties while inflicting "millions" on the zerg." - starcraft.wikia.com

For the website we plan to provide a very linked and synergistic site. A site that has complete coverage of units and buildings and really showcases the strategies, build orders and potential of each race. With a site that you can watch and read for hours we really hope to improve StarCraft 2 players everywhere as well as bring more attention to this amazing game and eco-system of StarCraft 2. Optimally, we’d love to see huge tournaments with thousands of spectators and fans and a handful of professional teams across the United States and Europe, as well as in Korea. The skill level, playability and enthusiasm of the fans and players of this game is far too great for StarCraft 2 to not become a national event.

As for the creators, SCV Rush is a avid Terran player and the best of our bunch of scrubs. He has an impeccable record against the fellow house mates and is constantly giving us advice in the form of beatdowns. His technological savvy can be seen in his ability to micro his troops relatively well and always look out for what the opponent is building next, regardless of his scouting. His deep insight into back and forth strategy and unit build tech switches is what gives him the advantage in his games and the information he loves to share with anyone who is looking to learn.

OneManZerg is an avid Zerg player, originally a Terran player in SC1 who converted to Zerg around 2005 because of the Zerg’s frenetic play style and expendability. One Man Zerg loves to macro build but is currently learning the lovely harassment capabilities of the Zerg and the need for consistent harassment and surprises to his opponents. Known for his wily play style and funky lingo, One Man Zerg wants to share strategies that make the game interesting and tips on how to recover from your opponents’ changes in tech and tactics.

Staff and Commentator: Position Favorite Race
OneManZerg Content management, Audio Commentator Zerg
ScvRush Website Designer, Audio Commentator Terran
Looking for Staff: Audio Commentators Protoss
  Article Writers All

Email at theuen AT gmail com

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At TheUEN.com we want to share and improve the StarCraft 2 community as a whole. If you want strategy or commentary on how to recover from a certain attack, how to counter a specific strategy or you want more of a certain type of video (commentaries, strategies and tips, build orders, etc.), Tell us! We want to do what we can to help you and grow the StarCraft 2 community.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the website.

See you on Battle.Net!