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Hey Gentlemen! This is scvrush giving you guys a new commentary 2v2 game with BWRX from the UCI SC2 league team! The game will be on Scorched Basin. If you don't know, Terran and Terran is a very difficult combination to play simply because the disadvantages of the Terran is so taxing; mobility, difficulty in scouting and reinforcements. Scorched haven is a great map for us to play for a 2v2 game because it allows easy blockade from enemy rushes.

I will be posting more 1v1 and 2v2 livecasts from now on and some starcraft 2 guide videos about little tricks here and there. The next video will be about dropships errr medivacs, overlords and warp prisms!

Look forward to my 1v1 live games. If you are interested, check out our livestream, we have tournament every saturday at 5PM PST.

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Submitted by admin on Sat, 2011-02-12 12:32
Hey everyone, OneManZerg here! Check out our latest 2v2 livecast here where we face off vs. a double Zerg that goes with a hyper aggressive strategy that we are unable to scout. See if SCVRush and I can recover or if we're doomed with this hyper aggressive early push from this dual zerg combo! Enjoy ! - OMZ Read More
Submitted by OneManZerg on Wed, 2011-02-09 01:09

Episode #1 is finally here! Starcraft 2, Esports and video game opinion/discussion show. Time limits per topic are enforced. This is our very first episode, so we know that there is room for improvement. Let us know what you want to see coverage on, by posting in the comments below, or e-mailing us at ftwbroadcasting@gmail.com. We are striving to have this be a weekly, and at the very least bi-weekly program, so stayed tuned to theuen.com for more FT Double Views!

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Submitted by ftwbroadcasting on Mon, 2011-02-07 10:04

LiveStream today is going on at 5pm PST!

We have Fealorin vs. Icecraft two high level diamond players facing off in what is bound to be an epic TvZ.  We will also be casting any other league matches that are occuring as well as some KOTH if we are so inclined.  Check in at 5pm on the livestream.

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Submitted by OneManZerg on Sat, 2011-02-05 14:36

Hey everyone,

This is another intense 2v2 matchup where SCVRush and myself face off against a very aggressive and talented zerg and protoss team.  This game is on high orbit where you have rocks in the back of your base a gold expo right outside of your main and a couple other expansions nearby.... but difficult to hold in the early game.  See how SCVRush and myself react to our opponents in this epic back and forth.

Enjoy! - OMZ

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Submitted by OneManZerg on Sat, 2011-02-05 14:34

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